How SS7 Protocol is Used in Hacking?


Hackers are misusing the SS7 protocol for cyber attacks. Malware attacks are more frequently used by hackers in Germany, as has been informed by the various news articles. Hackers are exploiting the bank accounts, passwords, account balance, and logins information by these cyber-attacks.

Moreover, they became able to redirect the bank message alerts for transaction details with the latest hacking techniques. They are successfully transacting money from target accounts.

What is SS7?

SS7 was introduced in 1975, for connecting the mobiles. SS7 handles the calls and messages from one mobile to another. This was only designed to be used in mobile networks. But later, a large number of issues about vulnerability begins to emerge significantly. To confirm this vulnerability the news editor of CBS news planned to investigate it.

The lady first bought a new phone and provided it to one of the members of the ‘IT Control Committee’, Lieu used the phone for his normal communication with committee members. The lady with the assistance of the security research lab was able to track Lieu phone calls. Thus, it confirmed the exploitation of the SS7 protocol for hacking the calls. Moreover, his location too was deducted even though his GPS was off.

What can access to SS7 enable hackers to do?

As malware attacks are dependent upon the strength of operating systems. So, Mobile devices with weak operating systems are more prone to cyber attacks. Such as BlackBerry, Androids, and Windows Mobiles. It means that the quality of mobiles also depends upon the strength of operating systems, in terms of safety. SS7 protocol is present in all the mobiles ranging from low quality to that of high.

How can I do to protect myself from snooping via SS7?

There is a simple and easy way to protect your mobile from cyber-attacks. The best way to achieve it is to avoid the use of the services. That is provided by the mobile operator. Use any of the internet voice-over applications. These applications include WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. But they are also at risk of the vulnerability of SS7. There are a large number of other options that can prevent you from these cyber attacks.