Basic SS7 threats

We emphasize These dangers That May Be introduced by people exploiting security defects in mobile networks:

  • Subscriber information disclosure
  • Network information disclosure
  • Subscriber traffic interception
  • Fraud
  • Denial of service

Just about every recorded hazard reflects reputation and economic challenges for its operator. Fraud, visitors interception, and denial of service AFF-ect subscribers immediately and might cause fiscal declines, solitude breach, and accessibility disturbance. Subscriber information disclosure entails congestion of IMSI, disclosure of alternative or site info, like profile info or balance. Network information disclosure is full of congestion of SS7 network setup statistics.

Particular procedures of subscriber traffic interception make it possible for a person to either faucet or divert Publish and originating intercept and call individual SMS messages. Fraud strikes might be done contrary to each operator and subscriber. Whenever a cost arrangement is changed by an intruder or restarting the charging system, it is going to cause damage. While moving funds from your subscriber’s accounts and redirecting calls or updating into a paid subscription will hurt subscribers. We believe that a denial of service from subscribers just, as operators might let screening of network things that result in mobile network mal-functioning. Malfunction will disperse if intruders possess a subscriber foundation or perhaps even the tools into brute-force IMSIs. The degree of knowledge of operators around SS7 stability keeps expanding, and that’s the reason they’ve begun to execute security methods. Back in 2015, every single and every network has been more likely to each and just about every single kind of hazard. However, in a previous couple of decades trends are found in network protection.


The possibility of network information congestion, fraud, and subscriber traffic interception has fallen. Every network has been prone to vulnerabilities that let usage of information concerning subscribers or even denial of service. Listed here are powerful attack efforts conducted throughout security investigation by our pros.


As noticed in this amount, operators prioritize steps that lessen the possibility of network and subscriber information disclosure, as these statistics would be the foundation for several of even more strikes. When Compared to the Range of attacks, 2015 Targeted toward network information disclosure diminished nearly threefold. In terms of subscriber info strikes. It Is Not so hard to guard against these strikes, and also the information protection marketplace Provides protection

Options. A hundred percent of all networks tend to be exposed to these, and that points to the inefficiency of options.

The number of attacks that are successful in utilizing different kinds of dangers is shifted insignificantly. The main reason is the fact that the execution of targeted visitors finds it impossible to compensate for SS7 design defects. To reduce them The tactic is demanded.



The studies have demonstrated the level of secure mobile communication networks continues to be quite low. Most networks continue being exposed, which makes it possible for offenders to intercept subscribers’ voice messages and calls, play fraudulent procedures, and also interrupt agency accessibility such as subscribers.

Intruders are properly attentive to the current vulnerabilities, also we’ve seen the impacts in their strikes, as illustrated from the modern episode that influenced subscribers of some German telecom representative, which caused money thieving out of bank balances. Considering that the level of activity we may get similar cases that are fresh in the foreseeable future.